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Lees Carpets

Best Pet Friendly Carpet

Pets and kids don’t come without accidents, spills, and messes. You can keep a close eye on them all you want, but eventually you will find a stain on your floor. Though you love you carpet, It might be feeling like more work to upkeep. However, before you give up on having  carpeted floor, The Rug Mart recommends you upgrade to a Lees Carpet.

Why Lees? Yes, there are many high quality carpets available at our store, but what makes Lees stand out among them all is its strength.



Stain Resistant Carpet?

Lees is known for its tough exterior and even tougher backing. Unlike traditional carpets, Lees is stain resistant. Lees carpets repels liquids 4x faster than other carpet brands, which means you have one less things to worry about. Cleanups will be a breeze and you will no longer have to block off your living room area from pets and kids. 


Lees can handle any spill, whether it is wine, juice, coffee, pasta, or a PB&J. Though Lees provides an unbeatable protection, just to ensure you are protected, Lees is offering the exclusive 25 years “No Exclusions” Ultra25 Stain Warranty. No matter what, you will be covered.



What Type of Carpet is Best for Pets and High Traffic?

Lees carpet strength goes hand in hand with its patented ExtraLoc backing. This backing has double the density of a standard carpet construction. Additionally, Lees carpet backings are considered to be the most stable and dimensionally strong product available.


Besides its strength, Lees has a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. The best part about Lees, besides its protection, is that you don’t have to compromise between style and strength. With so many options available, you will find the perfect Lees carpet to fit your home, or find an option to mix things up in your home. 

There is no need to feel let down by your carpet, when you can upgrade to a Lees carpet.

To learn more about Lees, contact The Rug Mart today, or visit our showroom in Beltsville, MD.