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Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring


Your kitchen might be the room in your home that gets the most action. From kids running to the fridge after school and the messes that come along with making dinner, the kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic. You need a floor that is easy to clean, won’t stain, and is resistant to liquid spills. While a kitchen is a prime example of a space in your home where there is usually a large amount of foot traffic, a bathroom is another place where investing in flooring that is water-resistant and durable is an excellent choice. At The Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home in Flemington, we carry a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom floors that will impress you with their many features. Read on to see more flooring ideas for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring 


Luxury vinyl is a unique flooring option that works well in both kitchens and bathrooms. It is becoming increasingly popular because of its ability to provide functionality as well as style to any space. With stone and wood-look styles available, you can find a luxury vinyl product that truly complements the overall design of your home. In addition, luxury vinyl is built with durability in mind. It is scratch-resistant and won’t crack or chip even when exposed to kids, pets, and messy family members. There are even some brands of luxury vinyl that are 100% waterproof. For example, COREtec is just one of the many waterproof luxury vinyl brands that are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because of its ability to handle moisture and spills. 



Tile has been around for many years because of its strength and durability. Today, tile continues to prove itself as a reliable material for kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you’re looking for tile flooring for your kitchen, a new backsplash, or a custom shower, tile could be the best option. It is versatile, can be installed in many areas, and comes in tons of styles and designs. From bright colors to patterned neutrals and a variety of materials, tile has a way of presenting your space with elegance and grace. 


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