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Hardwood Flooring | Flemington

Hardwood in Flemington, NJ

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Hardwood's Functional Properties

We all know the technological advancements in flooring today have allowed for many amazing products like waterproof carpet and realistic looking vinyl. While these advancement have made for some great flooring options, there is still something timeless about hardwood, which possesses natural, functional properties that have made it and will continue to make it one of the best, long-lasting, most popular flooring options out there! However, these properties can influence how and where you should use wood, so take them into consideration when choosing your flooring.



Dimensional Changes

Because of the makeup of wood fibers, wood has the tendency to shrink or expand due to how much humidity is in the air. If wood is exposed to a very dry or very humid environment for a long period of time, it can begin to change in dimension due to these factors and buckle or warp. For very dry or moist places, engineered hardwood is a better option since it is made in such a way to control the dimensional stability of the planks.




How Hard is it?

There are many different species of wood used in making hardwood floors and they all land differently on the hardness scale. Red Oak is used as the benchmark for the hardness scale, which is a great way to tell whether or not the species you love will be a durable enough choice.




How Strong is it?

Wood has the ability to resist certain stresses and strains and shocks put on it as a result of its strength. The heavier the wood the more strength it will possess. This can be determined through the wood’s density.



Looking for more information about a certain species of hardwood or interested in seeing some samples of wood flooring? Come visit our showroom today or give us a call at 908-968-0787.




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