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Carpet Flooring in Flemington, NJ

Combining style, warmth, and comfort all into one product, carpet is among the top flooring options for homeowners. The Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home in Flemington, NJ has what you need when it comes to new carpet in your home. We carry stylish collections that are geared towards performance and feature the latest technologies.


Our experienced team of flooring experts is here to help you find a product that matches the needs of your home and your personal style. If you’re looking for the best carpet stores near you, visit our showroom to look over our flooring samples, or contact us today to get started. We’re proud to serve the Hunterdon County, NJ area.




Carpet Types

The type of carpet you choose depends on what kind of fiber it’s created from. Carpet fibers can be either synthetic or natural. Nylon is one of the most popular synthetic options, thanks to its incredibly durable properties. It features top-quality performance and long-lasting beauty. There’s also polyester, which is slightly less durable than nylon, along with olefin and triexta.


We also have carpets made using natural fibers like wool. Wool is considered an eco-friendly option because it’s sustainably made. It’s also naturally mat-resistant thanks to its curly structure, as well as inherently stain-resistant and antimicrobial. When properly cared for and cleaned, wool carpets are hypoallergenic, which is excellent for homeowners who suffer from allergies.


Nylon is a synthetic pile renowned for its extreme durability. Seriously soft and resilient, it’s no surprise that nylon is one of the most popular carpeting options. It’s offered up in a range of colors and patterns.


Polyester is another type of synthetic pile that looks and feels like nylon but tends to be more affordable. Although polyester was once considered inferior to nylon, modern manufacturing techniques have made for more durable polyester products.


Olefin is a synthetic pile that stands out for its extremely vibrant color selections. Olefin rugs are often woven in the Berber style. Olefin is durable and is compatible with active settings.


Triexta is made from heavy-duty synthetic pile that’s prized for its incredible stain-resistance. Triexta fares well in commercial settings and is also popular with parent and pet-lovers.


Wool is a made from natural fibers derived from sheep sheerings. Soft, warm, and colorful, wool carpet pile naturally resists odors and moisture and is exceptionally sturdy.



Beyond the type of fiber your carpet is made from, you can also choose between features. Your carpet’s composition and build play a significant role in function and performance, so it’s wise to choose carefully. Cut-pile carpeting is woven by attaching individual fibers to the base, then trimming down the loops. Cut pile often has fibers of varying lengths to enhance depth and texture. Loop pile carpeting preserves each fibers’ looped endings for a smoother and more consistent texture.


We have ultra-stain-resistant carpets and even waterproof options, which are perfect for busy families with children and pets. We also have products with luxuriously soft textures and bold patterns to meet any décor style.


Messes are part of life, but with stain-resistant carpet you needn’t stress over stains. Our fantastic collection of stain-resistant carpet is designed with you and your active family in mind. Life is filled with surprise, but you won’t have to stress your carpeting with careful planning. Stain-resistant carpet achieves its super-powers through specially coated fibers that keep stains and odors out.


With hundreds of classic and contemporary styles to consider, you won’t ever have to sacrifice your style goals. In most instances, spills can be dabbed away using a clean towel and freshwater. Stain-resistant carpet can be used throughout your home, except for kitchens and bathrooms. There are even options sturdy enough for commercial installation. Designs span a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns




Carpet Installation

Carpet is built to withstand daily household activity and can last for years in your home. It’s traditionally installed in bedrooms and living rooms, or other low-moisture spaces. High traffic carpet options, like carpet tiles, can be installed in children’s playrooms and hallways. Square carpet tiles can be individually replaced when they’re damaged. We also offer carpets that are resistant to staining, wear, and fading. Our waterproof collections have an industrial strength backing and moisture-wicking fiber. This prevents spills from moving below the carpet to the pad and subfloor.


Like the process of backing area rugs with materials like canvas, we use carpet cushion to protect our carpets. Carpet pad increases the longevity of your carpet as well as provides protection for both the subfloor and the actual seen surface.


If you’re now considering carpet cushion, which one should you choose? The first thing to consider is material. Carpet cushion is often made from rubber, foam, or fiber. Tip: For high traffic spaces, a thinner, denser cushion will absorb the footsteps better than other cushions




Our Carpet Selection

Carpets are a classic option for homes. They add warmth and a cozy, comfortable feel. Our showroom features a wide range of beautiful styles, patterns, colors, and textures to choose from. We offer beloved carpet brands as well as Carpet One exclusive. Visit us online today, or in person, to learn more about our selection and services.




Learn More About Carpet

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Caring for Carpet

Sunlight, time, and wear can lead to your carpet’s color fading over time. Here’s how to keep your floor looking beautiful over the years.