pet friendly flooring from Carpet One

Pet Friendly Flooring Flemington, NJ

Apart from planting grass throughout your house for your pets, how does a pet owner meet the needs of pets while maintaining a home that is not the Great Outdoors? By using dependable flooring that takes the demands of pet life while making maintenance easier for the home owner, you and your pet can enjoy many years of comfortable and beautiful home living.

We recommend flooring options like these:

  • Vinyl tile flooring: non absorbent and holds up well against muddy paws and claws. Vinyl tiles can be installed in any room, and patterns can be mixed to create a unique look. If one tile does get damaged, it is easily replaced.
  • Bamboo flooring: stands up to scratches better than hardwood floors, absorbs less moisture, and looks just as beautiful.
  • Concrete: the ultimate strong floor, it is easily cleaned, and takes paint so you can color your room however you want!

What about rugs and carpets for pet owners? We suggest these:

Sisal rugs and other natural materials are easily shaken out and spot cleaned. They add beauty and give your pet a grip when they grow older and have trouble getting up from a smooth floor or need that extra padding underneath for comfortable naps.

Indoor/outdoor rugs are designed to take what Mother Nature throws at them. Stain resistant and waterproof, strong for heavy traffic, and available in a variety of colors and styles, this is a good option for the pet owner looking to blend practical flooring with pet comfort and cleaning convenience.

Carpet tiles- yes, carpet tiles! Choose a mix of colors to create a pattern or go for a uniform look. Interlocking carpet tiles can be spot cleaned and if a tile wears out, it is replaced in minutes.

Contact your friendly pet loving flooring experts and discuss with us what kinds of flooring options we have available for you to choose from.