Natural Rug Fiber Ideas

At The Rug Mart Carpet One in Flemington, NJ, we know rugs. From materials to design, we are here to help you choose the best product for your lifestyle and taste. A big part of that choice will be picking the fiber your rug will be made out of since each fiber has different performance benefits or characteristics. There are popular natural and synthetic fibers used in the making of rugs; read below to find out more about the natural ones! Learn more about the rugs we carry or about our fibers by calling us at 908-968-0787 or coming in to our showroom. The Rug Mart Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout Flemington, NJ and the surrounding areas of Anondale, Clinton, Whitehouse and Hillsborough, NJ and New Hope, PA.

  • Sisal: tough and durable, flat woven

Advantages: Sisal rugs come in unique textures and a wide range of colors and styles. They are naturally insulating and resistant to flames as well as environmentally friendly since they are made out of plants. Sisal rugs are available at a variety of price points.

Disadvantages: Plant fiber rugs can stain easily and cannot go in high moisture areas or outside. These rugs are not very soft underfoot and can become slippery with wear.

  • Silk: luxurious and beautiful

Advantages: Silk is a stunning and shiny material so adds luster to the rug’s surface.

Disadvantages: Silk is sensitive to sunlight and many cleaning products like detergent so requires dry cleaning. Silk is also not a strong fiber and is better suited for low traffic areas.

  • Wool: original rug fiber, naturally crimped and resilient

Advantages: Wool is a strong and durable fiber so is well suited for areas with heavy foot traffic. Wool is also stain and soil resistant and flame resistant. Wool is a soft choice and feels great underfoot. It also provides natural insulation.

Disadvantages: With wool, you get what you pay for. Because of all the advantages, it is a more expensive fiber choice.

  • Cotton: versatile and strong

Advantages: Cotton is a great choice for a casual lifestyle and taste. It is easy to wash, soft and inviting. Cotton is also a less expensive choice.

Disadvantages: Cotton is not a resilient carpet and often crushes and mats easily. Cotton is not as wear resistant and can fade more easily than other natural fibers.

To learn more about natural rug fibers, contact The Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home,or visit our showroom in Flemington, NJ.