Linoleum Flooring 


At The Rug Mart, we have a wide variety of flooring options. Whether you are looking for a hard surface floor or a carpet, we have all the options available. Recently, Voyager has introduced a line of Linoleum floors. Being a full dealer of Voyager flooring, our Rug Mart team is excited to be selling the Marmoleum collections.

Marmoleum might be a name you have never heard of, but it will be a name you will remember. Marmoleum isn’t a standard floor. This floor is perfect for high traffic areas, such as your bathroom and kitchen. With 28 colors to choose from, and each with a unique design, you aren’t short of options.


Marmoleum flooring offers naturally healthy, sustainable, and comfortable floors. Each Floor is constructed of linoleum, which is mounted onto HDF and thus creating more durability. Additionally, a cork backing provides the warmth and comfort to the floors. Marmoleum is customized to your style, and is naturally water-resistant. Many homeowners have found Marmoleum to be the perfect solution for bathrooms. Seeing that it is water-resistant, the floors won’t contract or expand.

Sustainability is certainly one benefit to Marmoleum, but what really separates this linoleum floor from other brands is its locking system and naturally healthy materials.

Marmoleum floors are easily installed due to its clicking system. Not to mention, it can be installed over hydronic radiant heat systems. Not only does Marmoleum provide comfort and durability, but it can work hand in hand with a heating system for warmer floors.


Having a durable and sustainable floor is incredibly important for all homeowners, but for some who are looking for a little bit more out of their floor, Marmoleum is that floor.

Made from renewable resources, Marmoleum floors do not have harmful VOC’s. Additionally, it is an allergy friendly flooring option, for it features inherent antistatic and antimicrobial properties. As a result, Marmoleum floors are able to repel dust, pet dander, and dirt. Not only does this make you home breathable during allergy season, but easier to clean.

To learn more about the Marmoleum collection, contact The Rug Mart today. Also, visit our showroom in Flemington, NJ.