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Kitchen remodels are still one of the top projects homeowners tackle. It is not an easy task building from the ground up, and it is even harder to work with something that already exists. The Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home in Flemington, NJ, is your go-to retailer when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Our friendly staff can help you navigate our flooring sections, so you can make the best choice for you and your kitchen.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Tile is a traditional flooring option for most kitchens. Its water resistance, ability to withstand heat, and wide variety of style options all contribute to its popularity. It is a kid and pet friendly surface that is easy to maintain and clean. In most cases you’ll see ceramic tiles in kitchens because of the wide array of styles they come in. If you need a more durable option, then consider installing porcelain tiles instead because they can handle heavy use over a longer period of time.

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Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring has been traditionally tile, but there are other options becoming more durable that make great kitchen floors as well, for example luxury vinyl is one of those options.

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Kitchen Trends

Kitchens follow trends just as much as any other space in your home. Things that are usually overlook such as storage are now becoming focal points.

Top Kitchen Trends
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Modern Kitchen Designs

Updating your kitchen can be made easy when you have some inspiration. Take a look at this blog that covers a modern kitchen design remodel.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

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