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Flooring Ideas for Kitchens

Your kitchen might be the room in your home that gets the most action. From kids running to the fridge and snack drawer after school, and the messes that come along with making dinner, the kitchen see's a lot of foot traffic. You need a floor that is easy to clean, won’t stain, and is resistant to liquid spills. Here are the top flooring ideas for your kitchen.

LVT floors are pet proof and kid safe. In addition, are easy to clean. Though each LVT brand provides unique features, they all ensure resiliency to stains, liquids, and wear.

Hardwood and tile floors provide a timeless look to kitchens, but a LVT floor allows you to have the same natural and detailed look with greater durability. The best flooring idea for your kitchen is LVT floors such as Invincible H20 and COREtec Plus, which will continue to maintain its looks, provide unbeatable protection, and look and feel like real hardwood and tile. 

Waterproof Flooring for Kitchens

LVT flooring is becoming increasingly popular. More homeowners are finding these wood and stone lookalikes to be the solution to high traffic rooms. LVT brands such as Invincible H20 and COREtec flooring have made a name for themselves due to their 100% water resistance.

Spills and accidents are inevitable in kitchens. Having to worry about kids not cleaning up the spilled milk on the floor can lead you to resent your kitchen floor. You can’t get down into the cracks of your kitchen floor without ripping the whole thing up, which is why a waterproof flooring is imperative in kitchens. With COREtec and Invincible H20, there is no compromising. For instance, Invincible H20 uses an advanced locking system that is considered to provide the tightest waterproof and dust proof joint available. Those milk spills will no longer be an issue because it will not seep through cracks under the subfloor causing mold and lingering odors.

COREtec Plus is a floating floor with a cork underlayment. This construction uses a rigid plank technology to prevent swelling, expanding, and swelling when exposed to water. Also, COREtec Plus is naturally resistant to odor-causing mold and mildew.

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