Living Room Floors

Carpet vs. Hardwood

Which is Better- Carpet or Hardwood? 

The most popular area in your home is usually your living room. It’s the place where the whole family can sit back and enjoy each other’s company, or watch TV. Nonetheless, your living room floor may have seen better days. A floor can set the mood for an entire room, and even if your home décor is on trend, a floor can bring it down to its level. You see, a worn out floor is the weakest link, and you are only as strong as your weakest link. At the Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer the top flooring options in the industry, so your living room floor will no longer be the sore eye in your home. 

Carpet and hardwood flooring offer their own distinctive benefits. However, you never have to worry about compromising between style and strength. For most homeowners, the flooring decision comes down to preference. 

Carpet Benefits

Having carpeting in your living room creates comfort and relaxation. At the Rug Mart, we have numerous carpet brands to choose from, and you will never have to choose between style and sustainability. We offer high-performance carpets that are able to stand up to kids, pets, parties, and the everyday wear in a home. For instance, Tigressa carpets are inspired by the hues of nature, but also are able to maintain their color and soft texture after years of use. This is due to Tigressa’s advanced color technology, and tightly woven nylon fibers. These fibers are half the size of a human hair and allow more filaments per square inch, thus creating more plush and greater strength against water, stains, and wear. In Addition, the Tigressa H20 collection provides extra assurance that your carpet will sustain its beauty. This carpet collection is waterproof and able to prevent spills from seeping into the carpet cushion and subfloor. 

Having a sustainable carpet in your living room is possible, and one that is stylish at that. Though Tigressa is just one of our available carpet brands, you will find that our selection of Lees, Innovia, and Karastan, will provide you with the strength, color, and softness you are looking for. 

Hardwood Benefits

Carpets are the perfect addition to a living room, especially if you are looking for some extra cushioning underneath. On the other hand, a hardwood floor creates a timeless, warm, and rich look. The most notable benefit to hardwood flooring is its high resale value and endless design options. When you make an investment on hardwood flooring, you are increasing the value of your home. Additionally, hardwood brands such as Invincible hardwood offer beautiful natural hardwood with durability. 

Invincible hardwood is known for its innovative laser cutting system for perfect installations, its visual enhancements in the woods natural grain, detailing, and colors, as well as its Intensity Surface Shield for strength. Having a hardwood floor in your living room means you should be able to live on it, and not have to worry about spills, rough housing, or messes causing stains, scratches, or warping overtime. Invincible hardwood is just one example of our available hardwood brands, but all have one thing in common- resilience and authentic distinction. You are able to choose from traditional to an old-world look. No matter what style you envision for your living room, hardwood floors provide unique features. 

Allow your living room to have a personality again, and save yourself the embarrassment of having guests see your current worn out floor. Carpet or hardwood, you can go wrong with either choice. 

To learn more about carpet and hardwood flooring for your living room, contact The Rug Mart Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Flemington, NJ.