Carpet Trends

Upgrade to a carpet that will last long

Top Carpet Trends Flemington, NJ

Trends come and go, but some stay true forever. Deciding on new carpeting can be a daunting task. What is going on in the carpet fashion world these days?

Modern Carpet Trends

How about patterns! Pattern carpet flooring is the “IT” in the carpet world giving visual pleasure to they eye when you walk into a room. On the plus note makes dirt and spills less noticeable.

Eco- Friendly Carpet

Eco- friendly carpeting has been a rising trend in carpeting world. What is consider eco- friendly carpeting though? Eco-Friendly carpet is normally crafted from natural fibers such as wool, jute, sea grass, Sisal. Synthetic fibers though are boasting of being eco- friendly too because they are made out of recycled material such as polyethylene terephthalate(PET) that comes from plastic bottles. Their bonuses are that they are naturally stain resistance so no special chemical pre-treat needed( Though most stain resistant sealing is human and pet safe). They also have longer life span being fade resistant. DuPont created a whole new synthetic fiber that has received amazing praise. It has everything you want in a eco- friendly carpet. Its soft, stain resisted along with being crafted from renewable ingredients with lessening effects on the environment.

Carpet Color Trends

While the neutral colors are still a tried and true statement in carpet flooring business colored carpets are making a statement, bright and bold colors that is. Fill you floors is vivid greens, a royal orchid that was the token floor color of 2014, or try a deep rich chocolate-brown. Go even bolder with a fun multi-colored pattern. Nothing brightens a room up like a little color.

Carpet Texture Types

Having texture to you carpet is also another fad. It’s where the fibers of the carpet are woven in a certain way giving the carpet a textured look, and feel. Braided, Hand-knotted and Hook-weaves are popular examples of textured style carpeting. It gives your carpet or a rug that certain pop. It is once again gives a nice visual appeal to a room.

Stain Resistant Carpet

These carpets are a big trend with families or anywhere you have high traffic. family and pet safe they're coated with a special solution the seals the strands of the carpet making them resilient to dirt and stains.

Popular Carpet Colors for Bedrooms

While new bolder colors and patterns are popping up in the carpet manufacturing world your neutral colors like beige and grays have not lost their style and appeal. When in doubt they are always your safe to colors to go.

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