Carpet Texture

Learn about carpet texture, including pile type, from The Rug Mart Carpet One.

Carpet Texture Types 

Warm, soft and inviting, it’s no wonder carpet ranks most popular for flooring in residential and commercial settings. Carpet is very versatile and is available in a wide variety of fibers, textures and colors. But the best part is that you can mix any of those three qualifiers together to achieve the ultimate finished product!

At The Rug Mart in Flemington, NJ, we’re focusing on texture above all else in this article. Carpet texture all comes down to the pile. There are three major categories of pile including cut pile, loop pile and combination pile. Learn more below:

  • Cut PileStrands of yarn are cut at the ends to achieve a very soft feel. Cut pile includes five major groups of carpet; frieze carpet, shag, cable, velvet and Saxony. All of them differ a bit when it comes to texture since all have a different amount of twist in their yarn. The twist also affects the longevity of a carpet. For example, velvet carpet will show everything from vacuum marks to footprints while cable is better for high traffic areas.

  •  Loop Pile: Strands of yarn are looped together instead of cut to achieve a long-lasting, soil hiding finish. Loop pile includes two major types; level loop and multi-level loop. Level loop carpet features strands that are all the same height. Level loop is mat resistant and more durable. Multi-level loop includes different strand heights. This creates a patterned effect that is perfect for a casual style.

  • Combination PileYou may have guessed it from the name, but combo pile is made from both cut and looped yarn. Combo pile includes two major types: level cut and loop and random shear.

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