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Bedroom Flooring Ideas Flemington, NJ

When you're designing a room, you don't want to forget about the floor! Your bedroom flooring doesn't have to be bland and boring, it can actually be a design element that you incorporate into the rest of your room. Here's some of the top trends in flooring that are sure to add interest to your bedroom. 

Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood is a bedroom flooring option that never goes out of style. From traditional looks to contemporary pale tones, you'll be sure to find just the color that you want to utilize in your personal space. Hardwood floors are a natural option that will add character, warmth and beauty to your home for years to come. 
Large-Format Tile
This isn't the same kitchen or bathroom tile that you're used to--large-format tile for your bedroom is classy and contemporary, and adds a certain panache to the room. Smaller 12 x 12 tiles are most often used in other rooms, but tiles today come in much larger sizes and a wide range of materials that can really change the overall feel of your bedroom. 
Luxury Vinyl
Vinyl flooring is another option that has come a long way over the years! One of the most durable and inexpensive options for flooring, luxury vinyl can bring the look of hardwood flooring to spaces that you want a little extra give and flexibility than traditional hardwood floors offer. Vinyl flooring options today are very different from the 1970's yellows and greens that your parents installed in the kitchen. 
Patterned Carpet
Cut-and-Loop carpet is really using technology to set trends. The incredibly soft fibers that manufacturers are able to create, plus the interesting and creative patterns that can come from alternating cut loops and loops means that you've got more flooring options than ever before for your bedroom.  

Why stick with boring beige carpet in your bedroom? Find a non-traditional option like patterned carpet, high-end vinyl or hardwood that brings out your personality while maintaining a durable finish and style.