Vinyl Flooring


The top 4 reasons to make vinyl your choice.

1. It Stops the Moisture

A big part of the reason why so many customers choose vinyl flooring is that vinyl is so easy to clean. Spill removal is a cinch and due to the seamless nature of sheet vinyl, moisture and dirt have nowhere to seep into (unlike tile), so if you are thinking about vinyl for a high moisture area, sheet vinyl is for you.

2. It Stands the Test of Time

Vinyl has a layer called the wear layer which is very durable and will stand up to dents, gouges and other wear. The thickness of the wear layer determines how well your floor will stand up to wear, the thicker the better. The thickness is measured in something called mils, which are 1/1000th of an inch. A wear layer will often range from 8mil – 40mils depending on the quality and construction of the floor.

3. It Resists Stains

Stains are easy to clean up and won’t leave a mark with vinyl. The durable wear layer included in a vinyl floor is made up of clean resin, urethane or enhanced urethane. The type of material used in a wear layer will determine how your floor stands up to staining. Enhanced urethane is the most durable of the three.

4. Comfort Above All Else

The underfoot feeling on a cushioned vinyl floor is very inviting which makes vinyl a great option if you spend a large amount of time walking around or standing in your home. Rooms like your kitchen are a great space for cushioned vinyl, like vinyl plank flooring. Non-cushioned vinyl is an option, too, but for lower traffic areas. Fiberglass-backed cushioned sheet vinyl floors or traditional cushioned vinyl floors offer the most comfort for you as compared to traditional sheet vinyl, solid, or composition tiles.

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